Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekly Musical Spotlight ::: Late Night Television

Set those DVRs to catch a great week in music on tv! From late night talk shows don't miss your favorite or future favorite musical acts!
Conan ::: TBS ::: 11p
The Tonight Show w. Jimmy Fallon ::: NBC ::: 11:30p
Jimmy Kimmel Live ::: ABC ::: 11:30p
Late Show w. David Letterman ::: CBS ::: 11:30a
Late Night w. Seth Meyers ::: NBC ::: 12:30a
Last Call w. Carson Daly ::: NBC ::: 1:30a 

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekly Musical Spotlight ::: Late Night Television

Set those DVRs to catch a great week in music on tv! From late night talk shows don't miss your favorite or future favorite musical acts!
Conan ::: TBS ::: 11p
The Tonight Show w. Jimmy Fallon ::: NBC ::: 11:30p
Jimmy Kimmel Live ::: ABC ::: 11:30p
Late Show w. David Letterman ::: CBS ::: 11:30a
Late Night w. Seth Meyers ::: NBC ::: 12:30a
Last Call w. Carson Daly ::: NBC ::: 1:30a 

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Friday, September 26, 2014

OUTKAST ATLast ::: What You Ought To KNOW

It's been 4,920 days since Andre Benjamin and Antwan Patton have played a live performance in the city limits of their home, Atlanta, as Outkast. The day has finally arrived! There are things you need to know about the Outkast ATLast shows before you head down to Centennial Olympic Park.

Set Times

I would imagine that the set times for Saturday would follow with Raury (5pm), Kid Cudi (6:20), Childish Gambino (7:30), and the headlining Outkast at 9pm with a curfew of 11pm. 

Getting to Centennial
Unless you have previously purchased parking online we'd recommend that you take Marta (about $5 round trip), but above ALL DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE! There are other methods to get to the show, Uber, Taxi, Hailo, walking, and carpooling.

UBER: Use the code UberOUTKAST to get ATLast tickets delivered to your door. Between noon and 1:30pm on Sept. 26, 27, or 28, you can request a ride using the UberOUTKAST view for the chance to win an Outkast fan package and tickets to that night’s show delivered to your door. For each person who signs up and rides during #ATLast weekend, $5 go to one of two charities: Centers of Hope or Big Kidz Foundation. PLEASE be aware if this is your planned method of transportation that fees will be increased because of influx of traffic and demand, they call surge pricing. For example after the third quarter of last Thursday's Atlanta Falcons' game the rate was 3X the normal fare and I heard it got higher than that for Music Midtown. A 4ish mile ride was $21 that Thursday, reasonable all things considered, but be cognoscente of that.

When You Arrive
Please also know there are certain things you CAN AND CANNOT bring into the venue. The biggest is the observance of the NFL's bag policy where bags are not allowed unless they are clear. 

·         Outside Food or Beverage (other than single bottle of water)
·         Umbrellas; Chairs; Coolers or picnic baskets
·         Professional camera or video equipment of any kind
·         Weapons (All persons subject to body search)
·         Pets, fireworks, drugs, remote controlled vehicles or aircraft
·         Backpacks, bookbags or non-transparent bags over hand size (NFL Rules)
·         Bag policy - Outkast #ATLast will use the NFL’s bag protocol, which encourages fans to not bring any type of bag. This protocol provides a safer environment and expedites fan entry. Bags that are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12" x 6" x 12", as well as One-gallon clear plastic freezer bag (Ziploc bag or similar) are permitted.

There will be a merchandise stand, though we can't confirm what all will be sold, Big Boi gave a preview of some of the shirts view instagram

Food and Drinks
There will be alcohol available for sale for those of age. 
Cocktails $12.00
Beer (Heineken Brands) $9.00
Wine: $7.00
Coke: $4.00
Water: $3.00

8" Papa Johns Pizza: $8.00
Nathan's Hot Dog: $7.00
Chips: $3.00

Centennial Olympic Park
COP has hosted many shows over recent years, Mumford and Sons and the annual Party in the Park day festival. 
Outkast ATLast Map
Overhead View 
View from the Back of Golden Circle
 Stage View

We leave you with this.....This may be the last chance to see the greatest duo EVER! DON'T MESS IT UP FOR ANYONE ELSE, AND PLEASE DON'T LET OTHERS RUIN IT FOR YOU! This is something to treasure, enjoy, and be a part of a 20,000 person strong family. No matter the differences we all know the one truth, that truth is OUTKAST!  

Our Dream Outkast Setlist

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Festival Spotlight ::: Music Midtown 2014

If there is one thing that seems to be recession proof, it's the music festival. It feels like more and more new ones pop up every year. There is so much money to be made and spotlight to be had that the city of Atlanta decided a few years back to revive one of it's longstanding traditions: Music Midtown. The festival had a very good run from 1994-2005. There were a few locations before the festival settled in a 42 acre plot close to the Atlanta Civic Center and the now closed SciTrek (Readers from Georgia will remember those elementary school field trips fondly). In its old format, each stage was represented by an Atlanta radio station and would stick to a certain genre (the 99X stage would have Rock/Alternative music and the V103 stage would have rap). In 2006, the promoters announced that the festival would not return due to increased costs. Fast forward to 2011 and the festival was brought back, albeit in a new location: Piedmont Park. Piedmont Park is a great location for a festival because of the sprawling green space and scenic views of Downtown and Midtown Atlanta. The festival's first year back in 2011 was only one day and featured headlining acts The Black Keys and Coldplay. The event proved successful and they decided to expand in 2012, adding another day. The headliners that year were the Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam, and they had a very solid undercard including: Ludacris, The Avett Brothers, Florence + the Machine, Girl Talk, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, and T.I. This was even more successful and they decided to expand again in 2013, adding a third stage. The 2013 edition saw another very impressive lineup headlined by Journey and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, with an undercard including: Phoenix, Imagine Dragons, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Jane's Addiction, 2 Chainz, Cake, Capital Cities, Queens of the Stone Age, Kendrick Lamar, and Arctic Monkeys. This leads us to the 2014 edition of the festival where, for some reason, they tried to mess with a good thing.

When the lineup was announced for Music Midtown 2014, it was very polarizing. According to interviews done by the festival's organizers, they paid twice the amount on talents in 2014 than the previous year. One theory behind that is because they got two very popular names (John Mayer and Eminem) that were not currently on tour. It probably costs a little bit more money to get someone "off the couch" so to speak. It's also hard to give credit to the organizers Live Nation when each night, you had two headlining acts going right up against each other. In the past, they staggered the lineup so the main headliners did not have any opposition. The supposed idea behind this is to be able to sell more tickets and be able to, at the height of the night, have two very large crowds. Other festivals attempt this such as Lollapolooza. This year, Friday night saw Jack White and John Mayer at the same time (which probably caused some fighting between a few couples...) and Saturday saw Eminem and Zac Brown Band at the same time. You can't boast about having such a great lineup and then make it where fans had to choose between the big time acts, unless you are a festival the size of Lollapalooza, which Music Midtown is not though the total attendance is creeping that way. Another reason for the mixed reaction to the lineup was because they went with a lot more pop music (radio friendly) than in years past. This isn't the worst thing, but with Atlanta's history and gravitation towards the indie scene, it's a little disappointing. They also added a country act in the Zac Brown Band, which is something they had not done previously. The lineup was just all over the place. On Friday night, you had Iggy Azalea before Jack White on the same stage. It's hard to picture those two fan bases having a lot in common. All that being said, there wasn't a time either day where there wasn't an act on that didn't at least intrigue us to go see them, and a lot of the acts were very, very good.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Outkast ATLast ::: Your Guide to an ATLien Days 1 & 2

It's finally upon us, the long awaited return of Atlanta's native first sons, Outkast. The three day weekend announced in June has been a much longer time coming.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Alt-J ::: This Is All Yours

Where has Alt-J taken me? A wooded, mossy, misty area is where the heart of this album lays. The path you take to get there is met with soothing escapades across a rugged, yet comforting terrain. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Music Spotlight :: Singles - Future Islands

When I first heard the debut release “Seasons (Waiting On You)”, I certainly felt that Future Islands deserved a solid round of applause. However, after reading up on these guys and subsequently devouring their latest album, “Singles”, Future Islands undoubtedly deserves this.